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10. Those stupid little flags that Packer fans put on their cars (a.k.a. the piece of crap they park next to their trailers).

9. Green and Gold, separate they are find, but together they make me want to puke.

8. Not being able to listen to the TV or radio in Wisconsin without having to hear about the Packers and the fact that the local media believes that we all care.

7. The ugly Green thing they call a stadium (Soon to be the new stadium with an extremely small parking lot).

6. Their fans that believe they will go undefeated every year.  All this home team pride, yet they whine about having to an extra half a percent sales tax to keep the team in Green Bay. Hell, the extra fifty bucks a year would put me in the hole.

5. The fact that if the Packers lose, spousal abuse goes up.  Now there is a great excuse for a redneck to beat on his wife

4. Their slogans- "America's Pack" and "Titletown USA". This assumes that everybody loves the Packers and that they are the Champions. Sorry but Titletown hasn't been anywhere near Green Bay in the last few years.

3. When Packer players are accused or convicted of a crime, they are still considered heroes to the community.  Mark Chumura did a lot for the United Way and for removing virginity from 17 year olds in the area.

2. Those stupid cheese head hats.

1. No Cheerleaders!!! (UWGB's don't count).