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The DieHards

True Fans.  Cut them and they bleed Green and Gold.  Trust me, I've tried. The only type of Packer fan that you can admire.  Too bad that they lack in numbers.

The Alzheimer's Ward

These fans remember the glory days and not much else.  These poor souls still try to write in Bart Starr and Paul Horning for the Pro Bowl.

Alcoholics Anonymous

For these fans, it is all about the beer.  They drink before, during, after, and between Packer games.  If the Packers lose they take it out on the people around them. 

Their belief: "Life is the Packers"  Reality: "YOU SUCK"


A legion of fans that believe Green Bay is a big city.  They believe they know everything about football even if they can't spell "G-r-e-e-n-B-a-y"

Band Wagon Jumpers

The largest group of Packer fans out there. In the 80's these fans spent their time rooting for the Cowboys, the 49ers, and the Raiders.  As soon as the Packers made the playoffs, these idiots ran out to buy new clothes. Give me a break!