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My name is Tom Enz. I will be a senior at the University of
Wisconsin-Oshkosh. I am planning to double major in Finance and
Human Resources. I also will be a Community Advisor on the first
floor of Donner Hall for the 1998-1999 school year. This is one of
many projects I have been working on. One of the other is a
Donner Hall home page.
I built this page to inform people about me, my school, my team(the
Bears), and my complete hatred for the Packers. The funny
thing is that I was born in Green Bay, but I came out wearing
the blue and orange. To any Packer fans that may be
upset at this, you can BITE ME!!!!

My Predictions

This is how I see the race for the NFC central.

1. Tampa Bay
2. Minnesota
3. Green Bay
4. Chicago
5. Detroit

The outlook for the Bears doesn't look so good, but they should be a better team then they were last year. I think that free agency and an aging Reggie White will keep the Packers from leading the Central Division. Tampa has a tough, young team that is playoff bound.

No matter how bad the Bears are they will always be my team and that is the way a fan should be

Curtis Enis is now out for the season. Quite timely, considering he was starting to play good. Oh Well, time to see if Edgar Bennett can do the job.
The bears need a quarterback, a coach, and a new G.M. before they could ever think about making it to the playoffs.
Go Moses!!!!

One good thing came from their loss to the Vikings. The Vikings clinched the central. The Bears played a good game, but they couldn't get it done on the goal-line.

The NFL needs to get new refs, time to bring instant replay back.

The Packers are the original one man team. Without Brett Farve they would be at the bottom of the division.
The Packers have been looking for excuses for recent loses by blaming the losses on crowd noise and laser light in their eyes. The Packers and their fans have problems realizing that they are not as good as in the past.
The return of Dorsey Levens will keep the Packers running game from getting better.

The Packers really sucked vs. Tampa. I bet you Packer fans out there thought they would pull it off. Hee, Hee.

The Packers cut Raymont Harris. I guess they hade to blame someone for their sucky game play. The team is now filled with walking wounded, not a good sign going into the PlayOffs.

Two words that have contributed to the Viking's success, Randy Moss. It was so much fun watching him kill the Packers.
The Vikings will breeze into the playoffs and could possibly end up in the Super Bowl.

Congrats Vikings on your Central Division Championship!!!

Charlie Batch, the new kid on the block, is the best rookie quarterback in the league and Barry Sanders is still the one of the best in the league. The Lions could be a force in the future.

So what if I mess up my predictions. The problem is that Trent Dilfer is not a good quarterback. I guess they have something in common with the Bears, they both need a quarterback.
If the Bucs defense wasn't so tough their season would be a lot worse.

Tampa, the "Packer Killas". They showed up to play and the Packers didn't. Who is the better of the Bays?