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The Bears and I are in desperate need of your prayers.  I just got stuck in a bet with the VP of Manufacturing at the company I work for.  If the Packers beat the Bears I have to wear a Packer shirt to the production meeting.


Injuries are already taking there toll.  Hopefully both Robinson, Urlacher, and Terrell can stay healthly all season.

Cade McNown is riding the short bus to Miami.  I thought that Cade would be a star for the Bears.  Too bad his big head got in the way of his game.  Jim Miller should be the number one QB when he is healthy, I would like to see Danny Wuerffel as the #2 QB. 


The Bears are currently 4-1 and at the top of the NFC Central. Marcus Robinson is lost for the season, but Marty, Dez, and David should be able to pick up the slack. Finally a great Defense in Chicago. Sunday was their first shut out in a long time. Bring on the Niners

The Bears seam to never give up. Thanks to Mike Brown's two OT interceptions for touchdowns, the Bear's have come back from behind to beat the Niners and the Browns. For now, no game is out of reach. Bring on the Slackers.