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My Cruddy Homepage
(and it will stay that way until I figure out what I am doing)
Go Bears

About Me

My name is Tom Enz. I will be a senior at the University of
Wisconsin-Oshkosh. I am planning to double major in Finance and
Human Resources. I also will be a Community Advisor on the first
floor of Donner Hall for the 1998-1999 school year. This is one of
many projects I have been working on. One of the other is a
Donner Hall home page.

I built this page to inform people about me, my school, my team(the
Bears), and my complete hatred for the Packers. The funny
thing is that I was born in Green Bay, but I came out wearing
the blue and orange. To any Packer fans that may be
upset at this, you can BITE ME!!!!

My Predictions

This is how I see the race for the NFC central.

1. Tampa Bay
2. Minnesota
3. Green Bay
4. Chicago
5. Detroit

The outlook for the Bears doesn't look so good, but they should be a better team then they were last year. I think that free agency and an aging Reggie White will keep the Packers from leading the Central Division. Tampa has a tough, young team that is playoff bound.

No matter how bad the Bears are they will always be my team and that is the way a fan should be

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The PackerHater

It is amazing, people have visited this site.